What's your Cignature?

- Andrew Cigna (CEO)


-Connor Cassidy (COO)


Cignature Clothing Co Est. MMXIII



Cignature Clothing Company is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Our movement is worldwide, and our vision is to create quality designs that inspire people with the right intentions to follow their dreams & pursue unique lifestyles. We promote diversity and want our clothing to complement whatever you’re passionate about.

The company was founded upon an idea, to be yourself, follow your passions, & to live how you see fit. We want Cignature Clothing to be an inspiring brand to our customers, but we also want them to know that it’s more than just a brand. At Cignature Clothing Co. we consider our supporters our family, because at the end of the road, we all represent the same goal: chasing that dream.

I have always had an interest in positively impacting the lives of others, whether it was through music or clothing. I feel self expression and “style” is something that shouldn’t be followed....I think it should be created. What’s your cignature?
— Andrew Cigna